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LickiMat Playdate


LickiMat Playdate

Product Description

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The LickiMat.®helps reduce stress, anxiety and boredom as well as entertaining your dog.

Licking releases endorphins and dogs lick to calm themselves when stressed. The LickiMat®is ideal for anxiety, grooming, crate training and thunderstorms.

The LickiMat® with its dot pattern surface, is perfect as a slow feeder and as a treat maker. When used with tasty soft foods, like smashed banana, raw food, wet food, canned food, yoghurt and peanut butter, it makes long lasting, tasty, lickable treats.

The LickiMat® Playdate is great for all sizes and breeds, it measures 8″x8″ (20cmx20cm)

Colours, patterns may vary subject to stock

Please note: this is not a chew toy, please supervise your pet, if your dog is a hard chewer,
this product may not be suitable for them.




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