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Too hot to walk

These last couple of days have been really hot and unless you live near a shady wooded area, probably too hot to walk your dogs during the day too. If we feel the heat imagine what your furry friends think of it.

Today’s temperature are set to reach 30+ so what can we do to entertain our little friends without taking them for a walk.

Dog’s love searching for things, especially food if you have a food motivated dog, so look for a shady part of your garden and scatter or hide treats in boxes in that area, then send your dog in to find them. They’ll love it, using their noses is very rewarding and also mentally tiring.

If no shady areas, why not hide them in the house?  Just as much fun.

Snuffle mats – another good idea for keeping your friend entertained, hide treats within it and watch him/her “snuffle” around to find them.

Lick-i-Mats can be filled with cream cheese or why not fill the spaces with natural yogurt then freeze them for an hour and give frozen.



See if you can think up other ideas that doesn’t require walking in this heat

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